Monday, May 15, 2017

Reflection Survey Due Finals Day:

 Cut and paste this into a new tap:

Due Finals Day for all students.
ENG Last day before Finals!!!

1. Make A Difference Reports

2. Return textbooks

3. Survey Evaluation on computer
o  Go to my blog (Faculty picture or
o  Cut and paste the URL into new tab.
o  Do a thorough job. It counts.

4. Student “impressions” of who you are Next Time:

Next Time:
Amnesia Project
1. Indelible/Lasting (displayable—framed, etc.)
Artifact with curated words of who you are—like NBA highlights vs. the whole game.
Shows that you took care with it.
2. Reflection following the description on your handout—at least one full page.

3. Presentation – 2 minutes – Show it, read some of it, share some of your reflections.

5/15 Amnesia Brainstorm

ENG  5/15/17

1. Finish Presentations
Next time:  Project Report

2. Book Return/ Books checked out from me returned also

3. Amnesia Project—
       Check off how many responses you got
       Return journals
Blue handout on the back

       Idea share with partner.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

ENG 5/11/17 Curating Your Project

ENG 5/11/17  Curating Your Project


1. BRING TEXTBOOKS, CALCULATORS, NOVELS, etc. from ALL CLASSES to English next time.  We will be turning them into the book depository during English class.

2. JOURNALS DUE TODAY!!! All entries are on the blog. Worth 50 points.

3. Must have ALL AMNESIA letters in class next time.

4. IF YOU ARE NOT PASSING right now, you must see me today. (preferably at lunch or after school)

1. CURATING YOUR responses into an artifact.
       Next Steps:  1. Get more responses!!!!
       2. Give some intense thought to how you will curate it and what your artifact will look like.

2. Finishing our PRESENTATIONS.
       Next Steps:
1. Present to another group and get the signature and comment of the teacher/adult of the group you presented to.
2. Remind the people who are helping to show up!!!
3. Do the project. Take picture to show on May 17th.

WJ# 43
What is disposable?  What lasts forever?
Divide your paper into two columns:   WHAT IS DISPOSABLE?     /      WHAT LASTS FOREVER?

Make a LONG list for each in your journal.


1. (of ink or a pen) making marks that cannot be removed.
ineradicablepermanentlastingingrained, persisting, enduringunfadingunforgettablehaunting, never to be forgotten
"indelible memories"
o   not able to be forgotten or removed.
"his story made an indelible impression on me"
ineradicablepermanentlastingingrained, persisting, enduringunfadingunforgettablehaunting, never to be forgotten
"indelible memories"

If you are the 
curator of the school art show, you choose which pieces will be in it and decide how they will be displayed. A curator is someone who manages an art collection or exhibit.
The kind of artwork a curator manages does not have to be the visual kind. You can curate a series of readings by selecting which authors read in it and who reads together. A curator is the person who gives the overall shape and feel to an art exhibit. In law, if you are the curator of someone's estate, you have been given legal power to manage it for someone who is too young or mentally unable to do it themselves.

Traditionally, a curator or keeper of a cultural heritage institution (e.g., gallerymuseumlibrary, or archive) is a content specialist charged with an institution's collections and involved with the interpretation of heritage material.
Synomyms: custodiankeepersteward

A question that arises frequently in museums:

How do curators decide what to display?